Minecraft Towny Servers

Minecraft Towny servers are multiplayer servers that utilize the Towny plugin to create a unique gameplay experience focused on town and nation building. Towny is a popular plugin that allows players to establish and manage their own towns, form alliances, and engage in a cooperative community-driven gameplay.

Minecraft Towny Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome to PokeRivals!Prepare to embark on an extraordinary Pokemon journey like no other. PokeRivals offers an immersive environment and a vibrant community that will captivate you from the moment you step into our world. Get ready to experience countless hours of adventure, excitement, and endl...

7Blaze Gaming

Embark on an extraordinary adventure that combines the best of Minecraft and the captivating world of Pokémon. Welcome to Blaze Gaming, where you'll experience the thrill of Pixelmon!Blaze Gaming Pixelmon brings you the highly acclaimed Pixelmon Reforged mod in all its glory. Immerse yours...


Welcome to MineVille - Your Ultimate Minecraft Adventure!Experience the best of Minecraft on MineVille Network! Immerse yourself in our diverse and exciting gamemodes, where limitless possibilities await. As a community-driven network, we prioritize player feedback, ensuring that your voice is he...

21The Mining Dead

Welcome to The Mining Dead, a Minecraft server that brings the thrilling world of AMC's The Walking Dead to life! Prepare yourself for an epic battle against hordes of walkers, armed with powerful guns and melee weapons. Join forces with fellow players, form alliances, and fight for survival in t...

27OneBlockMC One Block

Welcome to OneBlockMC, where the possibilities are endless!ONEBLOCK: Experience the original and #1 OneBlock game mode, where a single block transforms into an entire world of adventure. Complete quests, team up with friends, and unlock over 200 new enchantments as you navigate this unique and ch...


Welcome to BlossomCraft!Are you ready for an extraordinary Minecraft experience? Look no further! BlossomCraft is a remarkable server that offers a wide range of captivating adventures. Whether you're a Java or Bedrock player, everyone is welcome to join our lively community.Here's what you can e...


Welcome to MineSeed!MineSeed offers a truly unique and immersive vanilla survival experience like no other. Step into our server and discover a world brimming with exciting features and endless possibilities.With our dedicated team, we prioritize your enjoyment and safety. Our Grief Prevention sy...

42EcoCityCraft Economy

Welcome to EcoCityCraft Economy, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking an immersive and long-lasting gameplay experience!For over 10 years, EcoCityCraft has been at the forefront of the Minecraft community, proudly serving as the oldest and most esteemed Economy Minecraft Ser...


Welcome to StickyMC!Embark on a unique and enhanced survival experience unlike any other. At StickyMC, we offer a server where players can unleash their creativity, establish thriving towns, and ultimately build powerful kingdoms. But more than that, we strive to create an enjoyable and welcoming...


Welcome to CraftYourTown, a Minecraft Java Network that stands out from the rest. Prepare yourself for a truly unique, competitive, and challenging experience that will captivate your imagination. Whether you're a master builder, a shrewd entrepreneur, or an intrepid adventurer, our server has so...


Welcome to Blockstackers!We are more than just a Minecraft server - we are a vibrant, community-driven semi-vanilla experience located in Asia. Our mission is to bring the joy of Minecraft to players from all around the world, forging new friendships and fostering a sense of belonging through fun...


Welcome to TulipSurvival!Embark on a thrilling Minecraft Survival adventure in the world of TulipSurvival! Our server provides a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with quality of life plugins that enhance your gameplay. Whether you're playing solo or with friends, there are numerous features and a...


Welcome to ValorCraft - A World of Magic and Adventure!Immerse yourself in a captivating realm where spells, magic, and thrilling adventures await. ValorCraft is not your ordinary Minecraft server; it is a realm where courage and guts truly count. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with endles...

92Pixelmon Harmony

Welcome to Pixelmon Harmony, a vibrant Minecraft server that brings together the excitement of Pixelmon Generations with a thriving community. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure where you can nurture your Pokémon, build an empire, and forge lifelong friendships.Our custom Town...

110Umbra Aeterna

Welcome to Umbra Aeterna Minecraft Server!Step into a world of limitless possibilities and boundless adventures on Umbra Aeterna. Our self-hosted dedicated server network, powered by PaperMC, offers a rich and immersive Minecraft experience that will captivate both new and seasoned players alike....

114GRM Pixelmon

Welcome to GRM Pixelmon, the ultimate Pokémon adventure awaits! Dive into a world where Pixelmon Reforged takes center stage, running seamlessly on Minecraft 1.12.2. Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Pokémon with a dedicated modpack available at https://reforged.gg/.At GRM...

124marCloud Survival

Welcome to marCloud Survival, the ultimate 1.14 Minecraft survival experience!Step into a world where adventure awaits at every corner. Our server offers an immersive and engaging gameplay environment that will keep you hooked for hours on end. From the moment 1.14 was released, we wasted no time...


Welcome to RiftMC, the ultimate Minecraft community! Our server is more than just a place to play the game – it's a thriving hub where creativity, collaboration, and entertainment come together. With a passionate team of creators leading the way, we've built an incredible environment for st...


Welcome to Spikeycraft, the ultimate Java survival kingdoms server where adventure awaits! Step into a world filled with endless possibilities, custom features, and a vibrant community that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey like no other!IP: play.s...

152Builders Forge

Welcome to Builders Forge, the ultimate destination for Minecraft builders from around the world! Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, our community is here to inspire, teach, and nurture your creative building skills.At Builders Forge, we understand that Minecraft is not just a game&md...

161Craftadia Survival

Welcome to Craftadia Survival, the ultimate destination for Minecraft adventurers! Join us at play.craftadia.com and experience a revolutionary survival experience that will bring players together like never before.Craftadia is not just another server—it's a carefully crafted world where co...


Welcome to ExplicitUniverse! (Java Edition)Prepare yourself for an immersive and exhilarating Minecraft experience on our fresh new 1.17.1 server. We offer a variety of engaging gamemodes designed to captivate your imagination and keep you entertained for hours on end.Dive into the bustling world...

165PandaCraft Network

Welcome to PandaCraft Network, the ultimate Minecraft server experience curated by BlackBeltPanda, a renowned content creator (www.youtube.com/theblackbeltpanda). Our network offers a diverse range of thrilling gameplay modes and custom features that will keep you engaged for hours on end.Embark ...


Välkommen till Midgardsaga.nu, en nyligen startad svensk server där byggande och nöje är i fokus!Här på Midgardsaga.nu strävar vi efter att vara vänliga och trevliga mot varandra, skapa en gemenskap där alla kan trivas och ha kul tillsammans.Vår...


Welcome to AMinecraft, a semi-vanilla SMP server with a rich history and a renewed focus on building a thriving playerbase. Established in 2012, we have a long-standing tradition of providing a welcoming and engaging Minecraft experience.At AMinecraft, we offer a range of exciting features and ac...


Here are some key features and elements commonly found on Minecraft Towny servers:

  1. Town Creation and Management: Towny servers allow players to create their own towns and manage them. Players can claim land, invite residents, set town rules, and establish an organized community. Towns can grow and expand over time, with players constructing buildings, establishing infrastructure, and attracting new residents.

  2. Land Claiming and Protection: Towny introduces a land claiming system, where players can claim and protect their territory. This prevents unauthorized modifications and ensures that only town members can build or interact within the designated area. Land protection mechanisms can be customized based on server rules and configurations.

  3. Economy and Trade: Towny servers often incorporate an economy system, where players can engage in trade, set up shops, and establish an in-game economy. Players can buy and sell resources, goods, or services within their towns or with other towns, fostering economic cooperation and development.

  4. Nations and Diplomacy: Towny servers allow towns to form alliances and create nations. Multiple towns can join together to form a nation, enabling them to share resources, collaborate on projects, and participate in diplomatic relations with other nations. Nations can engage in friendly interactions, trade agreements, or even engage in warfare if PvP is enabled.

  5. Player Ranks and Roles: Towny servers may implement rank systems and roles to differentiate players based on their contributions or involvement in the community. Players can progress through different ranks, gaining additional privileges and responsibilities within their towns or nations.

  6. Community Events and Projects: Towny servers often organize community events, competitions, or cooperative projects to engage players. These can include building contests, treasure hunts, infrastructure development, or collaborative megaprojects that require the effort of multiple towns. Participating in such events strengthens the community bonds and provides opportunities for players to showcase their skills and creativity.

Playing on a Towny server offers a unique and collaborative Minecraft experience, where you can create and manage your own town, form alliances with other towns, and contribute to a thriving community. Whether you enjoy building impressive structures, participating in diplomatic relations, or engaging in an active economy, Towny servers provide a dynamic and social gameplay environment for Minecraft enthusiasts.