Minecraft Economy Servers

Minecraft economy servers are multiplayer servers in Minecraft that incorporate an economic system within the game. These servers usually offer a variety of ways for players to earn and spend in-game currency or resources.

On Minecraft economy servers, players can engage in various activities to earn money or resources. Some common methods include mining and selling ores, farming and selling crops or animals, participating in quests or missions, or setting up shops and selling items to other players. The server usually provides a central marketplace or trading system where players can buy and sell items with each other.

Minecraft Economy Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome to PokeRivals!Prepare to embark on an extraordinary Pokemon journey like no other. PokeRivals offers an immersive environment and a vibrant community that will captivate you from the moment you step into our world. Get ready to experience countless hours of adventure, excitement, and endl...


Embark on an epic adventure like no other in the enchanting world of Wynncraft! As the largest 100% custom MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game) in Minecraft, Wynncraft offers a breathtaking experience that will immerse you in a realm of limitless possibilities.Set foot in the sprawlin...

9HyCraft Network

Bienvenido(a) a HyCraft Network: ¡Tu Destino de Diversión en Minecraft!En HyCraft Network, nos enorgullece ser una comunidad de Minecraft apasionada y responsable, dedicada a la constante innovación y brindar experiencias inolvidables a nuestros jugadores.Nuestra red de Minecr...


Welcome to MCHub, the ultimate Minecraft gaming destination! We proudly present a server like no other, featuring an exceptional trio of game modes: Prison, Skyblock, and Survival. With support for both Bedrock Devices and Java, we ensure that all players can join in on the fun.Immerse yourself i...


Welcome to AppleMC, your ultimate Minecraft destination! Immerse yourself in a public Minecraft 1.18 SMP Network experience like no other, where enticing gamemodes await, offering one of the best Minecraft Survival Multiplayer adventures available. With seamless Java and Bedrock crossplay suppo...


¡Bienvenido a SuperCraft, el servidor perfecto para aquellos que buscan una gran variedad de modalidades de survival siempre actualizadas a la última versión de Minecraft! ¿Estás buscando un emocionante skyblock? ¡Aquí lo tenemos! Pero eso no es todo...


Welcome to Applecraft, a premier survival server that offers an unparalleled Minecraft experience. Immerse yourself in a thriving community, where ranks, additional /sethomes for voting, and custom player shops await, accompanied by a dedicated and friendly staff.At Applecraft, we hold the preser...


Welcome to PixelBlock, a vibrant and thriving Economy-based survival server that guarantees good vibes and endless adventures!At PixelBlock, we believe in creating a player-centric experience where you can immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive world. With our unique and custom features, e...


Welcome to PrimeMC - Unleash Your Minecraft Adventure!Since 2014, PrimeMC has been at the forefront of providing a community-driven and immersive Minecraft experience. With over 6 years of excellence, we continue to evolve and deliver high-quality gamemodes that keep players engaged and entertain...

27OneBlockMC One Block

Welcome to OneBlockMC, where the possibilities are endless!ONEBLOCK: Experience the original and #1 OneBlock game mode, where a single block transforms into an entire world of adventure. Complete quests, team up with friends, and unlock over 200 new enchantments as you navigate this unique and ch...


Welcome to BlossomCraft!Are you ready for an extraordinary Minecraft experience? Look no further! BlossomCraft is a remarkable server that offers a wide range of captivating adventures. Whether you're a Java or Bedrock player, everyone is welcome to join our lively community.Here's what you can e...


Welcome to JackpotMC - Where PvP Takes Center Stage!Prepare yourself for a thrilling Minecraft experience like no other. JackpotMC is a server that caters to PvP enthusiasts, offering a variety of captivating game modes that will test your skills and ignite your competitive spirit. Our latest gam...


Welcome to TheArchon, a thrilling Minecraft server where adventure awaits! With a wide variety of game modes, there's something for everyone to enjoy:SkyBlock: Take to the skies and build your own floating island, navigating the challenges and opportunities that come your way.Prison: Can you esca...


Welcome to MineSeed!MineSeed offers a truly unique and immersive vanilla survival experience like no other. Step into our server and discover a world brimming with exciting features and endless possibilities.With our dedicated team, we prioritize your enjoyment and safety. Our Grief Prevention sy...


Welcome to Mythonia, a Minecraft network that will transport you to a realm of unparalleled adventure and enchantment! Prepare to embark on a journey like no other as we combine beloved features and concepts with a host of all-new, uniquely crafted experiences.No matter which version of Minecraft...

42EcoCityCraft Economy

Welcome to EcoCityCraft Economy, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking an immersive and long-lasting gameplay experience!For over 10 years, EcoCityCraft has been at the forefront of the Minecraft community, proudly serving as the oldest and most esteemed Economy Minecraft Ser...

43WoodCraft Network

Welcome to WoodCraft Network, where the adventure begins! Join us now as we unveil our brand new SURVIVAL experience!IP: PLAY.WOODCRAFT.HUVersion: 1.12.XStep into a world of endless possibilities as you embark on your survival journey on our server. WoodCraft Network offers a captivating SURVIVAL...


Welcome to AnubisMC, the premier Minecraft network that offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. Dive into our amazing custom game modes, including Pixelmon Reforged and Survival, and get ready for unforgettable adventures.At AnubisMC, we take pride in our exceptional lineup of YouTube...

53KCHS Craft

Welcome to KCHS Craft, a unique Minecraft server inspired by the owner's school and designed to foster a vibrant platform for students to connect and engage with one another. However, our doors are open to everyone, regardless of their educational background or age.Step into a virtual realm that ...

54Royal Legacy

Welcome to Royal Legacy, where the adventure begins and the possibilities are endless!We are committed to delivering top-notch content without any cost to our players. With weekly updates, we continuously enhance your gaming experience with exciting new features. Join us and embark on a journey f...


Welcome to StickyMC!Embark on a unique and enhanced survival experience unlike any other. At StickyMC, we offer a server where players can unleash their creativity, establish thriving towns, and ultimately build powerful kingdoms. But more than that, we strive to create an enjoyable and welcoming...


Welcome to OG-Network!Dedicated to reviving the essence of the old-style Minecraft experience, we proudly present a server that puts the player first and rejects the pay-to-win model. Say goodbye to intrusive microtransactions and embrace a community-driven environment.On OG-Network, you'll disco...


Welcome to CraftYourTown, a Minecraft Java Network that stands out from the rest. Prepare yourself for a truly unique, competitive, and challenging experience that will captivate your imagination. Whether you're a master builder, a shrewd entrepreneur, or an intrepid adventurer, our server has so...


Bem-vindo ao AusTv, um servidor de Minecraft com uma proposta diferente e inovadora, voltado totalmente para os jogadores e buscando atrair diversos públicos e gostos.Oferecemos uma nova e emocionante experiência de jogo, com uma ampla variedade de opções e recursos cui...

61SkyFactory 4 by Crafte...

Welcome to SkyFactory 4 by CraftersLand, the ultimate skyblock experience that will take your Minecraft adventures to new heights! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey in a world of endless possibilities and sky-high challenges.Our server, powered by CraftersLand, offers an immersive and feat...


The in-game currency earned by players can be used to purchase items, resources, or even land within the server. Players can also use their earnings to upgrade their equipment, buy special abilities or perks, or invest in other in-game assets. The goal is to accumulate wealth and become successful within the virtual economy of the server.

Economy servers often have plugins or mods installed to facilitate the economic system and provide additional features. These plugins may include virtual shop systems, currency management systems, and protection mechanisms for player-owned properties.

Many Minecraft economy servers also incorporate a level of player interaction and competition. Players can form communities, join or create factions or towns, and engage in trade or other activities with fellow players. Some servers even hold events or competitions to encourage player engagement and provide additional opportunities for earning rewards.