Minecraft Prison Servers

Minecraft Prison servers are multiplayer servers that offer a unique and immersive gameplay experience centered around the concept of a virtual prison. These servers feature custom-designed prison-themed maps or regions where players start their journey as prisoners and work their way towards freedom and prosperity.

On Prison servers, players begin their journey in a designated prison area with limited resources and limited freedom. The goal is to progress through the ranks and earn their way to freedom by completing various tasks, challenges, or activities. These tasks typically involve mining, gathering resources, and participating in in-game economy systems.


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Rank Name Server Players Status
4Pogz MC

24/7 Factions, Prisons, and PvP Pit Bungee Corded Server(s) Coming Out on Jan. 29th Join Our Discord! (IP is for a Different Server in Meantime)


BlocksMC | 24/7 | 1.7 to 1.11 | CRACKED | Prison | EggWars | SurvivalGames | LuckBlockWars | SkyWars | SkyGiant | UHCRun | ArcadeGames | 1VS1 | SKYPVP | PVP


McGamerzone is a 24/7 online minecraft community ran with love by D0ublek1ll and xiTzJardix. We love to build, create and share in minecraft. Thats why we found McGamerZone. Our servers are running on High-End hardware to ensure you get the best quality and connection possible, because of that we...


MineVille Network - 1.16 1.16 Earth Towny server. No queue, 1:500 scale, and 20 TPS! Best Earth server. 1.16 Custom Prison 1.16 Custom Skyblock 1.16 Custom Survival 1,16 Anarchy We are a leading Minecraft experience. MineVille is a community based network that values player feedback. We have the ...

11Blaze Gaming

Welcome to Minecraft in Pokemon! Blaze Gaming Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged : 8.3.6 Minecraft Version : 1.12.2 Modpack : https://modpack.mc-blaze.com REFORGED: https://www.reforged.gg/ Blaze Gaming - Vanilla Servers: - Greek OP Skyblock [1.16] - Survival Jurassic [1.17] DISCORD : discord.gg/blaze


MCHub is the first Prison, Skyblock and Survival Server set in version 1.16 supporting all Bedrock Devices and Java. Our server offers many unique features for all three gamemodes including backpacks and Backpack Enchantments, Enchantment Gemstones, Private Mines, Cities, Gangs, Robots, Casinos, ...


MCHub is the first Prison, Skyblock and Survival Server set in version 1.16 supporting all Bedrock Devices and Java. Our server offers many unique features for all three gamemodes including backpacks and Backpack Enchantments, Enchantment Gemstones, Private Mines, Cities, Gangs, Robots, Casinos, ...

18MC Prison

Are you looking for a good, well built server that isn't pay to win but has all the features of a top quality server? Well look no further! Our server was nominated for the BEST server of 2017 and WON the best Prison server of 2017, as voted by you guys, the players! We have amazing staff, am...


Buscas un servidor con gran variedad de survivals y actualizados a la ltima versin?, este es tu servidor! Buscas un skyblock? Adems de todo esto, tenemos modalidades para pasar el rato como skywars buildbattle skypvp y mucho ms! Eres usuario de bedrock? Tambin puedes jugar con la IP: mc.supercr...


Mt server minecraft hng u vit nam vi nhiu th loi chi mi m v sng to. truy cp https://aemine.vn bit thm thng tin v server bn nh!


ReactiveMC is a collection of servers designed to give players choice, with options from KitPvp to OP factions to Soup to SkyWars. We add servers on a weekly basis to keep things nice and fresh. Links: Website: http:www.reactivemc.com Donation site: http:www.reactivemc.comdonations Rules: http:ww...


Welcome to Mythonia! A network unlike no other that combines features / concepts you all know love while bringing in a completely all new set of unique experiences, creating magical realms for everyone to enjoy! Join on any version and experience our custom texture pack, lag-free! IP: mc.mython...

44Otherworldly Pixelmon

Pixelmon 8.3.0: (Latest Version : Adds over 850 Pokemon to Minecraft) This version of Pixelmon runs on Minecraft 1.12.2, to be able join our pixelmon servers please use our custom made modpack, or install pixelmon manually through forge. Server IP: play.starworksmc.uc Modpack: https://www.technic...


FearGames is all you can expect from a server Network! :D We are always evolving to allow everyone to be able to find in FearGames your favorite server Help us improve!


A remarkable server experience featuring trending game-modes such as Earth SMP, Oneblock, and much more. We pride ourselves on ensuring our players are well taken care of and our community is a non-toxic friendly place. Valatic game-modes are loaded with unique features as well as a lag free expe...

56Advancius Network

BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132 Advancius Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone! Come join our welcoming community! We offer a 100% free rank system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: - Skyblock...


What games are there on TheArchon? SkyBlock: Your Own Sky Island Prison: Escape From Jail Factions: Battle For Territory Robbery: Loot Sell Outlands: Hardcore, Clans, Weapons Top Voted Since 2014. Played By Millions. Join Now On Minecraft - Multiplayer - Add Server: Name TheArchon Server Ad...

74SC Network

IP: mc.SERB-CRAFT.com Websajt: www.serb-craft.com Forum: www.serb-craft.com/forum TeamSpeak 3: ts3.serb-craft.com YouTube Kanal: www.serb-craft.com/youtube Facebook stranica: www.serb-craft.com/fb SERB-CRAFT Network - HUB - (Factions, Rol3Play, SkyBlock, SkyWars, Vanilla, SkyPvP, KitRoyale, Pr...

77Royal Legacy

Royal Legacy is dedicated to providing the best content for free. We have weekly updates that bring you custom updates. Together you will build, mine, and rule the servers. * Survival - Rule the Economy with custom claiming! 1.14 * Skyblock - Upgrade to the Biggest Island! 1.13 * Prison - Upgrade...


OPEmpire is an overpowered network with the following servers: [*] OP Factions [*] OP KitPvP [*] OP SkyBlock [*] OP Prison


Welcome to Project X-Craft! We are a fun community server offering Kitpvp, Factions, Prison, Skygrid, and Skyblock, with more to come very soon!


A custom Prison server that is addicting and fun. Helpful players and staff that are constant active. You might try this server, we including PvP and other stuff. We constantly update the server every new season with payouts.


For a free rank, type /freerank when you log in use in the hubs. You will get a rank worth 5 dollars completely for free for the first month you play PrimeMC! PrimeMC has been around since 2014 - thats more than 6 years! We are community-driven, and provide high-quality gamemodes with frequent up...


CastawayMC is a hybrid Prison server. You awake to find yourself stranded on a mysterious island, and no one seems to remember how they got there. Work your way up through the ranks by gathering resources and trading with villagers in hopes of getting your own personal island paradise!


Hola te presentamos a TakashiCraft un servidor de Minecraft que pronto estar abierto, servidor desde la [1.8-1.16.5] (se recomienda usar 1.8.9), en la cual en nuestro servidor encontrars gran variedad de Warps, Koth's, Clan War, Eventos OPS, Duelos/Arenas, gran variedad de Rangos Vips y mucho...


Earning money or in-game currency is a key aspect of Prison servers. Players can engage in activities such as mining ores, farming, or completing specific tasks to earn money. This money can be used to upgrade their prison cells, purchase better equipment or tools, and eventually work towards achieving their freedom.

Prison servers often incorporate additional features and mechanics to enhance the gameplay experience. These can include:

  1. Custom Prison Economy: Servers may have a custom in-game economy where players can buy and sell items, participate in auctions, or establish their own shops. This allows players to trade with other inmates, strategize their investments, and accumulate wealth.

  2. PvP and Gangs: Some servers feature PvP (Player versus Player) elements, allowing players to engage in battles with other inmates or form gangs for protection and collaboration.

  3. Events and Challenges: Servers may organize special events, competitions, or challenges to keep players engaged and provide additional goals or rewards. These events can range from mining competitions to parkour challenges or treasure hunts.

  4. Prestige System: Some servers implement a prestige system, where players can reset their progress and start over with additional benefits or rewards, offering a sense of continuous progression and long-term goals.

Community interaction is an integral part of Prison servers. Players can interact with each other through in-game chat, join or create alliances, and participate in cooperative activities. Prison servers often have forums, Discord servers, or other communication channels where players can connect, share their experiences, and engage with the server community.

Playing on a Prison server offers a unique twist on the traditional Minecraft gameplay, providing a challenging and immersive experience within the confines of a virtual prison. It requires strategic thinking, resource management, and perseverance to progress through the ranks, accumulate wealth, and ultimately achieve freedom. If you enjoy a progression-based gameplay style with an emphasis on economy and social interaction, a Prison server might be the perfect choice for you.