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PokeRivals offers an environment that is unmatched to any other server. Our community and custom content will take your breath away, and leave you playing for hours on end! Join our everlasting community today at play.pokerivals.com! Features: Jobs (earn money any way you choose!) Community M...

43Newwind Survival

Minecraft survival with clans, quests, PVP, Events, and hundreds of custom items whilst preserving a vanilla feel. - There are basically no rules except do not hack or exploit. - There is no land claim. - There are no moderators/helpers. - There are no resets. - Griefing is allowed. - World borde...

49Advancius Network

BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132 Advancius Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone! Come join our welcoming community! We offer a 100% free rank system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: - Skyblock...

68The Ravens Nest

This is a massive MASSIVE network that will include all your favorite games! This will become bigger then hypixel! Make sure to do /buy!

81Creepers Lab

You like Minecraft? Want to create awesome builds? Play with friendly people? Get involved in building contests? All this while surviving nights and discovering new worlds? Then join us today, you won't regret it! We're a Minecraft network and community that has been around since 2011, wi...

102Gamemode 4

A 1.14 command block enhanced vanilla survival server like never before packed with Events and updates. Comes with a thriving and friendly Discord server community.This server is perfect for survival explorers, builders and redstoners.


Climb to the top of the mountain where you can find the entrance for the official virtual representation of the Apex Hosting office space which was built inside of this mountain. This is where the team gets together weekly for meetings to test new game types and socialize. Inside you will find mu...

107Pathis Orb

Family-friendly survival Minecraft We are a survival multiplayer Minecraft server with a groups plugin for land protection. We have special Events for holidays, as well. We also have pet protection and a duel plugin. We play Real survival here! All mini-games, shops, etc. are player made in sur...


Willkommen auf dem Shiny Creators Minecraft Minigames Server. Auf diesem Server erwarten sie viele inuvative und ausgefallene Spielmodi, welche wir in sorgflltiger Arbeit mit unserem Team entwickelt und umgesetzt haben, rein aus unserer Fantasie hinaus. Das heit auch das du unsere Spielmodi auf k...


RiftBox is a mining and pvp server in where you can play Events, grind, mine, and pvp. The IP is RiftBox.minehut.gg and you can also join via minehut.com using /join RiftBox. The server is not a Prison Server.


TownyClassic is a economy based server with towny, jobs, player ranks, pets, McMMO, cool Events and many other fun plugins with an ever-growing playerbase

118Minecraft Lovers

MineCraftLovers was founded in 2013 and is one of the few semi-vanilla survival servers that is here to stay! Build on your own or join one of our community projects, build contests or monthly Events to always keep the game fresh! Huge rail networks, massive months-long build projects, dirt huts,...


IP: play.aminecraft.com Here at AMinecraft we want to give you, the players the best Minecraft experience possible. We have a 24/7 server with up to date plugins! This server is fairly new and has so much potential, all we need is for you guys to come and make it all happen! We have: - Donation s...


A classic Minecraft experience with a nostalgic atmosphere! Semi-Survival, Minigames, PvP, 1.8 Combat, Weekly Events, and more! Join our tight-knit community today. WEBSITE & IP: AFCRAFT.NET


[IP: play.azurasurvival.com] [Website: azurasurvival.enjin.com] [Version: 1.12.1] Survival - Raiding - Custom Mobs - PVP - Creative - Skyblock - LandClaim - Ranks - Events - Kits - Custom Enchanting Love survival? Visit now and see what we have in store! AzuraSurvival started in August of 2017 wi...

142Smart Hub

This is a minecraft hub with 4 servers to play on: LabTrials: You fight other players while on your platform while random Events occur to you and others around you. Last person alive wins. Has custom pets that will help you defeat your opponents as well as custom items such as a portal gun or wan...

167Kingdom Craft

MCMMO - Level up different abilities such as: Mining, Woodcutting, and Swords Economy - We offer a player based economy 10 Unique Ranks - Each rank has it's own perks and rewards Land Claiming - Protect your lands from unwanted guest and griefers Player Shops - Run your own chest shop Auction...


Welcome to the New World! Solitude is a Minecraft Roleplay server utilizing aspects of Factions. The server is set in a medieval-fantasy realm and uses plugins to offer a diverse and interesting PvP experience! Solitude offers a unique storyline that your character can uncover through participati...


We are a sponsored Survival server with a Twitch Affiliate - Justy135: Land Claiming - Claim land live with friends MCMMO - Level up Sword, Axe, Mining, fishing Skills! etc. Player Trading - Trade Securely with other players. Economy - Grind money by killing mobs or Questing. Chest Locking - Us...


Hunterra is a survival server that prides itself on being fair and free to play! We do NOT take real money for items and promise to only sell cosmetics that won't affect one's time on the server. Our overall goal is to offer players a safe place to build with friends and make stories of t...


A Minecraft server for anyone, creative and survival, Events occur from time to time. Community involved. Come join us and have a great time! You wont regret it! Friendly community and cool map, a great place to spend your time!

240No Nonsense Hard Super...

Up for a challenge? No Nonsense offers a unique RPG-inspired twist on superflat gameplay. - Superflat overworld with auto-regenerating villages and plenty of space for land claims. All blocks and most mob types are available. - Hard gameplay with enhanced combat mechanics. Unprotected inventory i...


The #1 re-creation of Avatar: The Last Airbender in Minecraft featuring: Custom bending, roleplaying, custom tea brewing, and hundereds of custom 3D models: Rokucraft has it all!After years and years of hard work and contribution, we are proud to welcome you to our server. In Rokucraft you can ch...

251Fluff Economy

Come aboard on FluffEconomy, a classic Towny Survival Server for 1.18.2, which offers a unique and memorable experience that few other servers can offer. Premium enchants, hats, constant Events, new quests, and more content to make your experience the best you can have in Minecraft. Collaborate w...

272Tallo Tides

-Economy Anti-Grief Server: we have in-game currency and are able to sell and buy things in game. We offer ranks which are attainable through in-game currency! -We have a PVP arena specifically for PVP -We try to have Events on Saturday/Sundays around 6pm CST. -We have monthly quests that are bas...


What are the best Events Minecraft Servers?

The best Events Minecraft servers are usually the ones with the most votes, but it also depends on what kind of Events server are you looking for. On this list, you can find top Minecraft Events servers, surely you will find at least one that you like. Before joining the newly found Events server you can also check the server's details, statistics, players and more - always a good idea.