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AppleMC We are a Public Minecraft 1.18 SMP amp; Network with lots of enticing gamemodes to choose from, we can provide one of the best Minecraft Survival Multiplayer experiences along with some of the best Java amp; Bedrock crossplay support out there. Features: - Java and Bedrock crossplay - M...


Java IP: play.BlossomCraft.org Bedrock IP: play.BlossomCraft.org Port: 19132 Discord: discord.BlossomCraft.org 1.18+ Welcome to BlossomCraft, an excellent server known for it's amazing experiences. We are a laid-back, no grief, economy, SMP server where we value community above all else. The ...


JackpotMC is a server focused on PvP game modes, with our latest game mode being Lifesteal SMP. This is a one of kind, unique SMP that allows players to steal hearts from each other. Once a player kills another, they take a heart from them. If you die to a player, you lose a heart to them. Once y...

38Advancius Network

BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132 Advancius Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone! Come join our welcoming community! We offer a 100% free rank system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: - Skyblock...


A remarkable server experience featuring trending game-modes such as Earth SMP, Oneblock, and much more. We pride ourselves on ensuring our players are well taken care of and our community is a non-toxic friendly place. Valatic game-modes are loaded with unique features as well as a lag free expe...


The OG Network is a minecraft server dedicated to reviving the old style minecraft experience. We are not pay2win, and focus on the player rather than money. We currently have survival games and an SMP on our server, both with many features that have not been seen in years. Come check us out!

70Bartol SMP

Welcome to the Bartol SMP, here we have 4 main servers, Hardcore, Anarchy, Earth, and Lifesteal; On Lifesteal it's simple, semi-anarchy, when you kill others you receive some of their hearts, and when they kill you they receive some of your hearts! If you loose all of your hearts then you aut...


RamboMC Network [1.17.1] Hallo Minecrafters. RamboMC is een Nederlandse Minecraft server die huidig Oneblock EarthSMP aanbied als gamemodes. Wij hebben 50+ online spelers per dag, en zijn dan ook gedreven op het leveren van een unieke speelervaring. Wij zijn al sinds januari 2021 bezig, en hebb...

92Skyblock SMP

The Skyblock SMP or the Floating SMP is an SMP with floating islands, plugin mods, flying boats to travel, custom villagers at spawn and different worlds of floating islands! Keep in mind, this is an SMP. No griefing, stealing, hacking, xray, etc etc... Use common sense. The YouTube video below w...


Java And Bedrock support, we allow bedrock and java versions of Minecraft to connect to our server! Lifesteal SMP | Kill people to gain extra hearts, clans, wars, claims, player shops. mcMMO | Level up and earn rewards! TPA | Allows you to teleport to friends. Death Chests - Keeps your stuff safe...

106Dunmoore SMP

Dunmoore SMP is an exclusive Vanilla+ Minecraft server with a strong, friendly community. We host regular server events and just have fun playing Minecraft. If this sounds like it's for you, join our Discord server to be whitelisted and become a part of a growing server with an active playerb...


We're a brand new SMP looking for new players, and have quality-of-life plugins such as TreeFeller, BetterRTP, and Jobs Reborn. We do have a couple bugs regarding the plugins, but we're working on those and they won't be an issue for long :). We don't allow griefing, stealing, or ...

118Mad SMP

Welcome to the Mad SMP! To get whitelisted, join our discord server using the link we have, or click this link -- https://discord.gg/kvxaZvPafP -- then, on the discord server go to #whitelist-requests and enter in your Minecraft username. We will whitelist you as soon as possible! Rules: No che...


Welcome to HyperWorld SMP! We are a small community of people that have a lot of fun and make good memories with building and adventuring Join up in our discord! https://discord.gg/7Dndntj

136United Lands

United Lands is a Towny-based Earth SMP that integrates peace, war, economies and events thanks to our unique mechanics. We are a friendly server with an active Discord and community as well as a helpful staff team. Our Earth map is on a 1:500 scale that goes alongside a Resource world, Nether an...


LargeCon.my-serv.com:25565 or LargeCon.my-serv.com 24/7 JAVA version1.17.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

147SimpPixel Network

Hello and welcome to SimpPixel Network! We are a global network that provides a SurvivalSMP gamemode! This gamemode has many unique features for all to enjoy!


OAKWOOD | A Better vanilla server it includes Survival server (SMP), KitPVP with awsomes kits and abilities to win, Better Parkour not that old its all different. Must join once! thank you...


An SMP made by Creed4756 and The_Unknown_Beam

171ObiCraft Survival

ObiCraft is a CUSTOM SMP that strives to put its best foot forward and provide a fun and enjoyable experience to all of its players. ObiCraft strives to not only do this but to also provide an active and responsive staff team. We love to accept community suggestions and feedback too! Whether it...


Welcome to SpaceCraft, "The Space Network". There are two servers in the network: Galactic Prison Free Build NEW SERVER! Welcome to Free Build, "The SMP Server". The Free Build server is a 1.15 survival server with many gameplay options to make it a more enjoyable experience...


SERVER IP: join.mineheroes.org [JUST RESET] MineHeroes Server Gamemodes: - [NEW] OneBlock - Survival SMP - Factions - SkyBlock / OPSkyBlock - Prison - Creative - 1v1 PvP Duels / OPPVP - Daily Weekend Events [Version 1.7- 1.16+/LATEST] Join thousands of players daily @ join.mineheroes.org How t...

205Solos SMP

Join our Semi-Anarchy SMP Minecraft server. Everyone can join! Runs 24/7. No Map Resets! Cool Commands Abilities. All Griefing, PvP and Raiding is allowed! When joining the server, type in-game /help Java Edition: solosSMP.net Bedrock Edition: solosSMP.net Bedrock Port: 19132 Running on version...

208All in the Mined

The server is wiping on February 28th. A new map will be generated and playable on that date. All in the Mined (AITM), is a SMP server focused on PvP, towns and economy. You can join a town and help people by building, mining, farming, killing, etc. Or you can create your own town and invite peop...

211The Nights Watch SMP

The Nights Watch is a multi-game clan that focuses on the roleplay aspect of many games. In our SMP server, you will find a relaxed group of players mixed with some nation building roleplay. Want to run a nation? Want to work with an active legislation base and pass laws? Want to sue people, be s...


What are the best SMP Minecraft Servers?

The best SMP Minecraft servers are usually the ones with the most votes, but it also depends on what kind of SMP server are you looking for. On this list, you can find top Minecraft SMP servers, surely you will find at least one that you like. Before joining the newly found SMP server you can also check the server's details, statistics, players and more - always a good idea.