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Do you want to find special creatures? While you can defeat special bosses by using your armor, make sure to protect yourself from the enemy!

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Rank Name Server Players Status

Wynncraft is the largest 100% custom MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game) in Minecraft. Start your journey from humble beginnings in the Wynn province and explore one of the biggest and most detailed custom maps in Minecraft. Play alongside your friends to gain experience and fall int...

112Aurora MC

Hello and welcome to Aurora! Before you start why don't we take a brief tour of the server. We're kind of an all-rounder server in that we offer many different gamemodes. At the moment we have a towny survival world for cooperatively playing the game with friends and foes alike! We also o...


Welcome to SpaceCraft, "The Space Network". There are two servers in the network: Galactic Prison Free Build NEW SERVER! Welcome to Free Build, "The SMP Server". The Free Build server is a 1.15 survival server with many gameplay options to make it a more enjoyable experience...


survival server / 5 privates for 5,750,000 blocks / 15 homes / arena Bosses / each personal enderworld


Stellars Gate is a Fantasy RPG server. The Survival World is one to immerse themselves in as a 2nd life, it does not reset. Claim your land to play safely with other players, and build towns settlements. The Adventure World is a custom adventure map, with quests and Bosses. Upgrade your gear be...


We have a multitude of optional features while keeping the server semi-vanilla, such as survival and creative worlds. An RPG play style to upgrade your player skills. Mini Bosses that drop rare collectible loot. Adventurous Quests that offer exclusive events and items to collect. An advanced fish...

347Adventure World

Hi crafters. Adventure World contains abillities, skills, shop(buy fly in-game), quests to complete, custom enchantments, Bosses and lot of new items. The rest you can join and adventure on your own! See our Discord; https://discord.gg/8SZc9VKaFD See our map; http://adventureworld.modded.fun:9005...

362Naruto Revenge of the ...

Great server easy ranks, missions and Bosses. Free Kage anbu and shinobi ranks easy to play join are discord if you cannot join the server with the ip address Join Discord free Kage ranks and staff member forms, want to become part of the community join are discord and we will make you staff toda...

452Legend of the Wild

We are a new survival server with economy, jobs, mcmmo and more. Check us out! We use grief prevention/claims plugin to keep your builds safe!. We aim to provide quality of life updates as well as make the game more involved and fun: More /Jobs! More Fish! More Enchants! More Crafting! More Potio...


Network con modalidades: Survival, LogHorizon(RPG) ,Eventos(Custom) El survival consta de Bosses, bodas,trabajos, nuevas armas


Spikeycraft Java 1.16.4-1.16.5 (Native 1.16.5), no mods EULA compliant - No pay to win IP: play.spikeycraft.com Spikeycraft is a survival kingdoms server filled to the brim with custom mobs, items, Bosses, worlds, you name it! Dive into a universe of new perils, wonders, and advancement- or form ...


Spells, Magic, abilities, custom mobs, Bosses, Wands, Quests... Involve yourself into the world of valor where courage and guts count, complete quests, learn spells, defeat Bosses, rule nations and more!

584Too Many Cows Survival

- Grief Prevention: claim land with a simple tool to prevent griefers from destroying your work - Mob arena: play the mob arena, battle waves of monsters and Bosses for fun and rewards - Economy: trade with other players for items, or sell and buy items from the server shop - mcMMO: increase leve...


PrismForge is the #1 RPG Factions server while also a very unique skyblock. Both our gamemodes are completely custom coded by our development team. We offer an actual unique experience unlike many other servers. Factions: - RPG Factions - Giant well made warzone - 190+ Custom Items, 150+ Custom E...


Mythbox is a PVP/PVE Box Server with a ton more features than any other. We are always changing things and adding more new features and items! We are trying to grow as a server and our community gets bigger and bigger! Custom Bosses! Custom gear and tools Purchasable ranks Max 500...

631GamesLabs network

The GamesLabs network was once a popular Minecraft network. After a year of hardwork we are finally bringing it back to life! The network contains A LOT of unique features such as custom sounds, UIs, cosmetics, challenges, a season pass, .... and of course games! We have 40+ minigames playable on...


JailMC is the first OP-Prison server of its kind, our 1.12 server offers many unique features including: Backpacks, Energy Armor, Private Mines, Robots, Gangs, Bosses, Custom pickaxe enchants much more. We suggest players join in 1.12 for the highest quality experience. If you do not enjoy 1.12...

927Legacy Lands

1.16.5 semi vanilla server! We have a great community with lots of fun to be had. The server has multiple worlds for different playing styles; - economy survival (Land claims, mcmmo, chestshops and more) -mobhunting (better loot, harder mobs, Bosses and dungeons) -creative


RotMC Is a unique bullet hell MMO RPG Perma Death game, No this isnt your factions, skyblock, prison or whatever generic server. There is nothing quite like this out there. Defeat Challenging Bosses that look astonishing with fully custom 3D Models and obtain exciting loot. There has not been a 3...

951Ferox MC

Ferox is a friendly, non grief survival based server. If you enjoy building, doing quests, taking part in competitions and making money then you have come to the right place! - Version 1.16 - Player Warps | Like showing off what you can build? We have a plugin which allows you to make warps as yo...

961No Nonsense Hard Super...

Up for a challenge? No Nonsense offers a unique RPG-inspired twist on superflat gameplay. - Superflat overworld with auto-regenerating villages and plenty of space for land claims. All blocks and most mob types are available. - Hard gameplay with enhanced combat mechanics. Unprotected inventory i...

1025Jumanji Craft

Jumanji Craft is a Minecraft survival server with a catered experience towards having fun. We have a custom economy, pets, jobs, crates and much more. We hope to see new players join the community


What are the best Bosses Minecraft Servers?

The best Bosses Minecraft servers are usually the ones with the most votes, but it also depends on what kind of Bosses server are you looking for. On this list, you can find top Minecraft Bosses servers, surely you will find at least one that you like. Before joining the newly found Bosses server you can also check the server's details, statistics, players and more - always a good idea.