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Minecraft 1.19.3 server list, 1.19.3 servers are perfect for players who prefer playing Minecraft 1.19.3, in most cases it's best to match your Minecraft versions with Server version.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
109OldFacs Anarchy Factio...

Welcome to OldFacs, a unique and exciting Minecraft server that combines the nostalgia of classic Factions gameplay with the freedom and anarchy of modern servers. Join us in our big and expansive world, where you can build and hide your bases to your heart's content. On OldFacs, there are no...

291Fantasy Smp

Fun New server with slimefun and an amazing community


Welcome to TheValleyMC Sense early this year, 2023, TheValleyMC has focused on semi-vanilla, Anarchy like gameplay with some needed plugins to make the experience more enjoyable for example basic teleport commands like, /tpa /sethome. Do you have what it takes to thrive in TheValley? Join and put...

1022Minecraft Legends (22 ...

Features: Cracked 1.19.3 economy survival Holiday season, advent calendar, huge giveaways Store, vote points and voteshop Top voter rewards every month Pets and cosmetics All in one menu - easier gameplay SellGUI - open sell GUI to put items from inventory you want to sell with /shop prices Resid...