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147Blockrim RealmsBlockrim Realms

Blockrim Realms is Whitelist server. This whitelisted fantasy survival server has been running since the 1.2.x days and has never been reset except for a few chunks, it is still running the same map now as it did back then. Note! Fantasy does not ...

189Epic Craft SMPEpic Craft SMP

Epic Craft SMP is Whitelist server. Have you've ever wanted to build Epic Builds with Epic People? well this is the place for you! Come join our brand new, completely vanilla. 1.18.1 SMP server where the sky is the the limit (and bedrock of co...

200Mad SMPMad SMP

Mad SMP is Whitelist server. Welcome to the Mad SMP! To get whitelisted, join our discord server using the link we have, or click this link -- https://discord.gg/kvxaZvPafP -- then, on the discord server go to #whitelist-requests and enter in yo...


MinecraftUK.com is Whitelist server. Welcome to the MCUK Server Listing, MCUK has Multiple Themes spread across Several Worlds Our economy is mainly based on Mob Killing Trading, Offering Creative, Survival, PvP, PvE, SkyBlock, Skywars Mini-Game...

299SMP SkedgySMP Skedgy

SMP Skedgy is Whitelist server. SMP Skedgy is a whitelisted 1.16.4 vanilla survival server made for small streamers. If you want to start collaborating with other small streamers or even just need content to stream, then this is the place for you....

307The Fallen ChronicleThe Fallen Chronicle

The Fallen Chronicle is Whitelist server. Introduction The Fallen Chronicle is a Hardcore Roleplaying experience, that focuses on individual character development and freedom of roleplay. However before anything else, The Fallen Chronicle is a sto...

370MyMinecraft - Enhanced...MyMinecraft - Enhanced Survival

MyMinecraft - Enhanced Survival is Whitelist server. li Monsters/Animals/PVP: Yes /li li Max Players: 200 /li li Server Mod: Bukkit /li li Active Forum!: http://www.myminecraft.com /li li TeamSpeak: myminecraft.com /li li http://m...

390Dunmoore SMPDunmoore SMP

Dunmoore SMP is Whitelist server. Dunmoore SMP is an exclusive Vanilla+ Minecraft server with a strong, friendly community. We host regular server events and just have fun playing Minecraft. If this sounds like it's for you, join our Discord s...

415Switched SMPSwitched SMP

Switched SMP is Whitelist server. This server is a PUBLIC SMP where you can join/form and create countries! In doing so you can have economies, governments, wars, and all sorts of other stuff! Come join in on the fun! Join the discord to be whitel...


Conditorem is Whitelist server. Conditorem is a whitelisted Minecraft survival server with the intention of forming a friendly community built upon trust and honesty. The idea is that server's world will never wipe, meaning if you leave due to...


EverMC is Whitelist server. MC~! EverMC Since 2011, EverMC is a major Chinese Minecraft network that provides multiplay service to all continents for free. This is also a non-for-profit community which setup and supported solely by fans from chine...

486Fossa CraftFossa Craft

Fossa Craft is Whitelist server. Independent whitelisted hermitcraft-style Minecraft survival server. Forever improving with the demand of our friendly community, with data-packs and more. Season 3, otherwise known as FossaCraft: Remastered, begun...

511Primum GamingPrimum Gaming

Primum Gaming is Whitelist server. As close to vanilla as you can be in multiplayer. We are a FRESH vanilla whitelisted server, oriented towards community. For more information please apply on our website. Applications will be reviewed asap. The s...

514Babylon MCBabylon MC

Babylon MC is Whitelist server. Babylon MC is a Vanilla Survival server hosted in Australia. No /sethome, no /tpa, no hacking, just pure, classic Minecraft survival with a great group of players. Apply for Whitelist through our discord. (Rules als...


MatureCraft is Whitelist server. Welcome to MatureCraft, we are just a group of adult players who want to relax and enjoy the game. Griefing is NOT allowed. We welcome anyone over 16 years of age. The server is a Mature server with a mature audien...

572Destroy SMPDestroy SMP

Destroy SMP is Whitelist server. Join The Discord https://discord.gg/VhrFvy9R and then go to minecraft chat and request to get whitelisted to join IT IS 1.16.3 1 This is a roleplay server so you always follow the roleplay 2 There are different cou...


SinisterSMP is Whitelist server. SinisterSMP is a Whitelisted MinecraftSMP.. - inisterSMP a server that has been around for nearly a year has almost 100 whitelisted members. It is a Whitelisted SMP server there is a few datapacks such as Armored E...


MonePvP is Whitelist server. MonePvP is a great KitPvP server with awesome functions! Check out our custom scripted Sumo game mode with awesome rewards and prizes! The Stay On The Wool game mode will be coming soon! Join for a chance to win a free...

617Broteloo Survival Serv...Broteloo Survival Server Now Open

Broteloo Survival Server Now Open is Whitelist server. Hello and welcome to our Minecraft Survival Server! We're a small community that is looking to grow into a strong, active playerbase that builds up a community of groups. The server has be...

652Dunwater RoleplayDunwater Roleplay

Dunwater Roleplay is Whitelist server. Dunwater; Far from your typical Roleplay server In a colonial fantasy setting, players inhabit a long abandoned colony, founded initially by the Dunwater Trading Company. The possibilities in the revived colo...

656Vanilla HypeVanilla Hype

Vanilla Hype is Whitelist server. Fresh new map! Vanilla Hype is a whitelisted vanilla server. There is no griefing or stealing and the gameplay is as vanilla as it gets. We have events and weekly competitions that anyone can join. The aim of the ...


Flatearthmc is Whitelist server. We have many active members and a discord. There are many towns that you can join or you can make your own. The discord is https://discord.gg/G99XXeTA3u If you Ask we will whitelist you just to prevent griefing. If...

682BIG NetworkBIG Network

BIG Network is Whitelist server. **if a whitelist is up contact a staff member on discord**The BIG Network is currently a multiplayer survival factions server with several unique plugins with plans for more game modes and events in the future. One...


InquisitionPvP is Whitelist server. We aim to have something for everyone! And if there isn't something you like, suggest it, because there will be other people with the same interest as you! Currently In Development --------------------------...


Atlantiscraft is Whitelist server. Atlantiscraft is a tight knit, whitelisted community on a building-focused server. We have a few quality of life plugins and shops, but otherwise, the gameplay is vanilla. Some players have compared this server t...


What are the best Whitelist Minecraft Servers?

The best Whitelist Minecraft servers are usually the ones with the most votes, but it also depends on what kind of Whitelist server are you looking for. On this list, you can find top Minecraft Whitelist servers, surely you will find at least one that you like. Before joining the newly found Whitelist server you can also check the server's details, statistics, players and more - always a good idea.