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United Angels
Players2 / 1000
Checked4 minutes ago
CountryUnited States

United Angels

United Angels

If you came here in search for a friendly survival server - seek no more. This server is just for you. Caring staff team and balanced plugins set will make your play easy and smooth. Fear no griefers or abusers - Griefprevention, Matrix and Chat Control plugin care about them. Staff team conltrols the rest.

Meet United Angels III

Yes, this is the third reincarnation of the United Angel server. - improved three times!
This server is built to be a cozy, safe and friendly place for everyone - no matter age, gender, skills and anything else.

Notable Plugins: GriefPrevention, Jobs, LockettePro, Matrix, mcMMO, MyPet, PlayerHeads, QuickShop.

What is the server address (IP) for United Angels?

The server address for United Angels is pin.ngel.ru:35565, you can simply copy server IP address, find Discord, server website and more information in "server info".

How to play United Angels server?

Step 1: Open your Launcher.

Step 2: Click the "Play" button and select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Step 3: Click "Add Server" button, paste the text pin.ngel.ru:35565 in "Server Address" box, hit "Done" button.

Step 4: Wait for server connection to turn green, this can take up to a minute.

Step 5: Click on "Join Server" button to play on United Angels server.

Right now there are 2 players playing on United Angels.

What Minecraft version is supported on United Angels?

United Angels server is currently supporting Minecraft version 1.18, while other versions of Minecraft might also be supported 1.18 is the recommended version.

Where is United Angels currently hosted?

The United Angels server is currently hosted in United States, was last queried 4 minutes ago and has a very fast connection.

Which Modes can be played on United Angels?

On United Angels server you can play the following GameModes: Creative, McMMO, Minigames, PvP, Roleplay, Survival, Jobs...