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Ferox MC
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Ferox MC

Ferox MC

Ferox is a friendly, non grief survival based server. If you enjoy building, doing quests, taking part in competitions and making money then you have come to the right place!

- Version 1.16
- Player Warps | Like showing off what you can build? We have a plugin which allows you to make warps as you rank-up with in-game balance purchases.
- User-Friendly Land Claiming | Protect your property with ease from griefers and have an ability to stop mobs from spawning and attacking you!
- Rank promotions for playing on the server | Each Rank has its own upgrades and perks, buy these with in-game money!
- Bosses | Fight bosses for epic loot in server wide events and show off that all important tag to show your strength.
- Player-Driven Economy | Shops and markets are ran by players, join and start your own business!
- Art Map | Like doing pixelated art? We have an art plugin which allows you to do so.
- Friendly Community | Although we are a small server, we encourage our players to be mature, respectful, and friendly!
- Jobs | Like making money, like doing business? We have a jobs-based plugin which generates you more money as you get to a higher level from completing jobs such as Mining, Fishing, Farming & Woodcutting (including many more!)
- Custom Enchantments | Want more spice in your adventure? Enchant your items!
- Regular Events | Win free ranks, custom items, money and more in our regular fishing, building and art events!

What is the server address (IP) for Ferox MC?

The server address for Ferox MC is play.feroxmc.net, you can simply copy server IP address, find Discord, server website and more information in "server info".

How to play Ferox MC server?

Step 1: Open your Launcher.

Step 2: Click the "Play" button and select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Step 3: Click "Add Server" button, paste the text play.feroxmc.net in "Server Address" box, hit "Done" button.

Step 4: Wait for server connection to turn green, this can take up to a minute.

Step 5: Click on "Join Server" button to play on Ferox MC server.

What Minecraft version is supported on Ferox MC?

Ferox MC server is currently supporting Minecraft version 1.18.1, while other versions of Minecraft might also be supported 1.18.1 is the recommended version.

Where is Ferox MC currently hosted?

The Ferox MC server is currently hosted in United States, was last queried 24 minutes ago and has a very fast connection.

Which Modes can be played on Ferox MC?

On Ferox MC server you can play the following GameModes: Economy, McMMO, PvE, Survival, Vanilla, Adventure, Events, Jobs, Quests, Bosses...