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Epic Dupes is a fun dupe server where you can dupe your held item with /dupe you can also get random items with /togglerandomitems there is also multiple warps one of them being /warp mob where you kill mobs to get command blocks and then trade command blocks for multiple different items at the shopkeepers. There is also a fun avatar plugin where you can use multiple different skills to fight players. There is also another really fun plugin! called SlimeFun its quite hard to use so if you want a tutorial just search one up on youtube it has good and fun pvp items and armour and you have to grind to get them. Will you be the best duper out there!

What is the server address (IP) for EpicDupes?

The server address for EpicDupes is epicdupes.minehut.gg, you can simply copy server IP address, find Discord, server website and more information in "server info".

How to play EpicDupes server?

Step 1: Open your Launcher.

Step 2: Click the "Play" button and select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Step 3: Click "Add Server" button, paste the text epicdupes.minehut.gg in "Server Address" box, hit "Done" button.

Step 4: Wait for server connection to turn green, this can take up to a minute.

Step 5: Click on "Join Server" button to play on EpicDupes server.

Right now there are 0 players playing on EpicDupes.

What Minecraft version is supported on EpicDupes?

EpicDupes server is currently supporting Minecraft version 1.18.1, while other versions of Minecraft might also be supported 1.18.1 is the recommended version.

Where is EpicDupes currently hosted?

The EpicDupes server is currently hosted in United States, was last queried 23 minutes ago and has a very fast connection.

Which Modes can be played on EpicDupes?

On EpicDupes server you can play the following GameModes: McMMO, PvP, Fun, SlimeFun...